Order Your X'mas Flowers Online 

X1 Xmas Vase Arrangement $150

X2 Grinch Tree with Lights - $25

X3 Floral Arrangement - $75

X4 Floral Bouquet - $85

X5 Long Floral Centrepiece - $95

X6 Christmas Planter - $125

X7 Christmas Floral Arrangement - $150

X8 Orchid Planter - $180

X9 Christmas Orchid Planter - $69

X10 Christmas Floral Arrangement - $95

X11 Christmas Planter - $45

X12 Christmas Arrangement - $35

X13 Tall Christmas Arrangement - $150

X14 Wrapped 10" Red Pointsettia - $60

X15 Orchid Planter - $225

X16 Poinsettia Planter - $95

X17 Christmas Table Centrepiece - $85

X18 Christmas Arrangement - $165

X19 Poinsettia Planter - $75

X20 Pointsettia Planter - $85

X21 White Pointsettia - $75

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Created by our floral designers, all our bouquets and arrangements are made with the freshest available local and imported flowers and foliages.  

We produce the bouquet and arrangement according to your needs, preferences, and budget.


Our fresh flower bouquets start from $50 to $200


A dozen of red or colored long stem roses nicely wrapped in a bouquet start at $60, plus $20 if it's arranged in a glass vase*


Fresh flower arrangements start from $50 to $250


Orchid planters start from $60 to $150


Sympathy floral wreath/spray arrangements start from $150 to $500


Or, you can order any of the above design (just specify the style # in your order).


You can call us, or place your order with the form below.

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Delivery Charges (same day):  Downtown Vancouver starting from $7, 

                                            Vancouver starting from $12

                                            West Vancouver and North Vancouver starting from $25

                                            Burnaby, New Westminster and Richmond starting from $18

                                            Coquitlam and Surrey from $28

                                            Timed and Hot Deliveries will be charged extra.

All the above prices are subject to federal and provincial sales taxes.

Prices applicable throughout the year except for the Valentine's week.


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Shop 311, 595 Burrard St., Vancouver Downtown

604-669-6781 | Bentall@AngelaGabrielFlowers.com

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Shop 013, 555 W. 12th Avenue, Vancouver

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